Why does it matter so much?

An understanding of your vibrational nature will make it possible to deliberately create your own reality.

Have you ever noticed that when your desires and beliefs are aligned you have managed to draw to you the experience or object you desire, or something even better? This is no coincidence, it is a Universal law!

What you are putting out there is constantly being reflected back to you through your experiences, relationships, friendships, health, finances, career choices and the way you communicate with yourself. Most people howeveer, are not conscious of what they’re putting out there and therefore go through life feeling stressed, anxious, unfulfilled and in a ‘wanting’ state.

Relationships – What Binds you is not JUST Love

Our closest relationships tend to bring out the best and worst in us. What binds most of us is not just what we have in common on the surface, but also (and more so) the trauma and survival patterns we hold deep within. Think about it, if we are vibrational beings, the patterns we have accumulated or inherited will also have an effect on what we project. These patterns can be thought of as an energy imprint and actually shapes your view of the world. Therefore, it is not just your viewpoint that binds you but also what gave rise to the formation of those viewpoints.

In my practice I have seen countless couples, and whenever they both come in for a session (always individually), over 90% of the time, it was for the exact same complaint as their partner!

As soon each individual would sit down, out would come why they were there and in almost every case, I had just heard the same thing from their partner. As the session progresses, you soon realize both endured very similar past influences and trauma. It is this trauma that subsequently gets triggered in a relationship and leads to arguments, domestics or worse.

Once the trauma is released in both, peace can prevail on that issue and the triggers that were once there simply fade. The energetic imprint that was there dissolves and no longer affects what each individual is putting out there. This means defences can come down and the individual will naturally project – to their partner and everyone else – a new vibe; one that is more in line with their true nature.

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Your Vibe affects your Career Choices and Career Progression

How many people do you know are completely satisfied in their chosen career? If you have ever come across this type of person, then you will be able to observe the ease, grace and growth they exude every day in that role. Regardless of what is going on around them, they are still able to keep their centre whilst carrying out their day to day activies. Even the more mundane tasks appear effortless to them. They are exactly where they need to be and doing exactly what they need to do – and largely, enjoying it!

Most people unfortunately however, are not this way. They may have made their choices out of certain needs or out of survival, or perhaps just fell into a role and stuck with it. Some may be in the role because of family obligations or expectations.

To some extent it doesn’t matter too much how you may have come into the specific position or role, what matters more is the mindset you adopt whilst attending that role. The more authenticity, wisdom, appreciation and joy you can cultivate and bring to that role, the more the Universe will echo this back to you in the form of growth, abundance, promotion, leadership and responsibility – if that is your desire.

Obviously this does not preclude doing the hard work and acquiring the relevant skills and knowledge, it’s just that with a more positive mindset and attitude, the ‘hard’ness becomes just a matter of perspective!

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