Top Health Benefits of Silica Supplements

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Top Health Benefits of Silica Supplements

What is Silica (Silicon)?

Silica (or silicon) is a mineral that is often not talked or written about. It is present in the soil and is one of the most abundant minerals on the Earth’s crust. It is a very hard substance and found in rock crystals such as quartz.

Silica is found in almost every tissue of the body including the bones, blood vessels, cartilage, tendons, eyes, skin, hair and nails. It gives strength and durability to these biological structures.

What are natural food sources of Silica?

Some of the best natural food sources of silica are:

  • green plant foods such as lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, avocados, spinach, kale, leeks and more
  • in the hulls of wheat, oats, rice
  • fruits such as bananas, strawberries, apples, oranges
  • nuts such as almonds, pecans, walnuts
  • meats including beef, lamb, fish

What is silica used for in the body?

Silica promotes firmness and strength in the tissues. Collagen contains silica which helps to hold the body and tissues together. It is also very concentrated at bone ends and works with calcium to restore bones and connective tissue.

Silica is also thought to be a signal conductor in its crystalline structure, as in quartz crystal.

Should I take a silica supplement?

If your diet is high in plant foods, whole foods and unrefined foods, you are probably getting the necessary amount of silica from these sources – as long as these healthy choices are maintained!

Studies have shown that absorption of silica from food is not that high so to maintain adequate levels in the body, consistent, healthy nutritional choices would certainly be required.

If, however, you are experiencing chronic or acute illnesses involving any structural part of your body – which let’s face it is most of it – you could well benefit from a silica supplement to aid with healing and recovery.

Acidic diets can also leech valuable minerals from the bones as the body tries to cope with the excess acid. This can lead to weakend bones and joints. Anyone who has a history of “challenging” diets may also want to consider supplementing with silica.

Benefits of Silica Supplementation

Supplementing with silica can help with a wide variety of issues including:

  • deep detoxification – as it is part of almost every cell in the body silica supplements may be able to penetrate deep into the tissues to clear stored toxins
  • anti-aging – can help to maintain and promote the elasticity and health of the skin and internal organ tissue
  • bone challenges such as fractures, breaks, osteoporosis or brittle bones
  • connective tissue challenges such as with injuries as well as more chronic issues such as arthritis
  • health challenges involving the brain, heart, immune system and nerves
  • gastric ulcers
  • tissue repair in general
  • over 40 – when the body reaches a certain age, tissue repair naturally slows down and bones can become weaker

Best Silica Supplement

I get asked this question a lot so I thought I’d share my view here.

Firstly, it is important to note that not all silica supplements are the same. There are varying degrees of quality and it is important to check the source and bioavailability of any silica supplement you are thinking of taking.

Tachyonized Silica Gel

In my practice, whenever someone comes with any of the issues above my number one go to silica supplement is from Advanced Tachyon Technologies. It is called Silica Gel and is derived from quartz crystals (purest form). It contains very fine Tachyonized Silica particles suspended in Tachyonized water to form a gel.

Being Tachyonized adds the ‘zero point’ effect and takes healing and detoxification to a level that would be very difficult to match from any other silica supplement on the market.

Below you will also find feedback from clients who have taken Tachyonized Silica Gel.

(Being a CERTIFIED PARTNER/PRACTITIONER with ATT allows me to arrange preferrential discounts on ATT products at no extra cost to you. The links above will take you to the OFFICIAL ATT website)

It actually made my hair, skin and nails much stronger than before. It even made my teeth stronger which I was not expecting! Thank you again for the recommendation. I will be ordering more in the future.

I took it as directed and can feel my bones getting stronger. The other day I bumped my elbow into a door and it didn’t hurt a bit, not even a bruise whereas before I would bruise very easily. So greatful you recommended this to me.

I was recommended Silica Gel by Sanjeev for my Osteoporosis. What a difference it has made! I feel stronger and my joints hurt much less. I’ll keep up with the nutrition plan as well but for me, Tachyonized Silica Gel is really making a difference.

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