Therapist in Hertfordshire

A relentless pursuit of truth

Sanj - Therapist in Hertfordshire

Therapist in Hertfordshire was set up by Sanj in his relentless pursuit of ‘truth’. Having trained with countless healers, practitioners, specialists and various ‘enlightened’ individuals across the globe, he has put together his knowledge and experience to help those in search of their truth.

“Life does not come with a manual and when we don’t know how to use our emotional guidance system, it can get the better of us in the form of miscommunication and suffering. The techniques I use today takes Personal Transformation to a whole new level and can be used to better our home and work lives.

It is an honour and privilege to help others also seeking their truth.”

Sanj’s pursuit to bridge the gap between spirituality and everyday living has allowed him to apply emotional release techniques and holistic healing methods to address life’s everyday challenges for countless individuals from various backgrounds including professionals, celebrities, company execs, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters etc.

Sanj is trained and certified in a number of alternative healing modalities including:

Nutritional Healing
Tachyon Energy Healing
Energy Healing
Metaphysical Anatomy Technique
Reference Point Therapy
Quantum Touch
Feng Shui
Bazi Chinese Astrology

and many more.

My Healing Truths

Your body is always trying to protect you

When you take a holistic view of ‘dis-ease’ or imbalance it quickly becomes apparent that whatever is happening is the body’s way of protecting you – although it may not always feel like it!

Connecting people to their inner wisdom is the way back to health & happiness

Our bodies are always seeking a way back to balance and connection. It is the connection to our inner wisdom that enables this to happen.

Our human potential is far greater then we can possibly imagine

As you deepen your connection to who you really are, you will begin to discover a potential you may never have thought possible. This is what it means to be ‘authentic’.

Therapy sessions are based in Bushey, near Watford, Stanmore, Radlett in Hertfordshire.

How Do I Know if this approach is for me?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried various approaches to a dilema or challenge that you’ve wanted to address and not gotten very far. Or maybe you’re just not sure where or who to turn to next?

No matter what your situation is I will do my best to help bring clarity, lightness and direction to the issue. Those who have have experienced powerful releases through my approach are living the benefits now.

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