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Thank you for allowing our paths to cross

Every time I visit Sanj, I release something big that has been bothering me. I now feel, more connected with much greater self-esteem and self-worth. I recommend seeing Sanj for any emotional challenge or personal issue you may have. Truly amazing work!


I came to see Sanj as I was feeling victimised and bullied at work. We worked on my issues and I was really amazed at the outcome. Soon after the sessions, I was moved to another manager and a different dept and am so much happier. Sanj told me my outer experience may change but I certainly was not expecting this! I cannot recommend him more highly.


I came to see Sanj as I was feeling stuck in my career. I had taken redundancy a year ago but had not managed to secure another job since then. I had become too complacent and unfocused. Sanj helped me to release my barriers in just one session! I am now way more focused and committed to finding my next role. I cannot put into words what he does but it works!


I came to see Sanj for depression. I had been feeling extremely low for many years and Sanj helped lift me in a very short space of time. I never thought I’d feel this way again and I feel as though I am returning to my old self. Thank you!


I had no confidence around the opposite sex before I met Sanj. I went from being nervous and shy to just being myself around women. It has helped no end with my confidence, sociability and relationships.


The more I see Sanj, the less excuses I am able to conjure to keep holding myself back. Sanj helped me to uncover resources I didn’t even know I had and I now feel far more motivated and driven to live my life by my own design! I cannot thank him enough.


I’ve been on numerous courses, leadership training and team away days. None of them had any real lasting change on my outlook or approach within my work environment. I think I achieved more with Sanj in just a few sessions than all my previous courses combined. Not only did the way I conduct myself change for the better, the cooperation I sensed from my staff significantly changed as well! It didn’t stop there. The personal change was so significant, it also had a much welcome effect on my personal life. I now send all my key staff to Sanj and have seen an amazing change in the workplace and productivity levels. Sanj is a real miracle worker!


Sanj was able to help me when no one else could. I’d had years of counselling and CBT work and nothing had helped. Sanj was able to shift more in one session than all my previous other work combined. I shall definitely be coming back to see him and highly recommend him.


Sanj helped with the stress of taking my exams. I have never been very academic and hated taking exams. After only a few sessions I was feeling lighter and much less stressed. There was no more stress around my studies and taking exams and my grades improved tremendously. Not only that, I feel so much better in myself and self-esteem has improved. I have no hesitation in recommending Sanj and endorsing the work he does.


If you want to make immediate personal changes in your life – Sanj is your man!


I came to see Sanj as I had very poor self-esteem and self-image. I was having trouble finding a relationship and felt very low and alone within myself. It’s amazing the transformation I have undergone since seeing Sanj. I am now with someone I adore, I feel amazing and have a spring in my step once again! I am so grateful to Sanj for all he has done. He is incredibly modest but I would not have been able to do this without him.


I have had counselling in the past was honestly getting nowhere. A friend raved about Sanj and I thought I’d give it go … at this point I was getting desperate and had nothing to lose. I could not believe what happened. Not only did Sanj pinpoint the root cause of my issue and how it was serving me, he also managed to help me COMPLETELY detach myself from it. So much so that I cannot believe I was ever that type of person. My only regret is that I had not gone to see him sooner! Would have saved a LOT of time and money!


I came to see Sanj as my business and finances were slowly declining. I was totally blown away by what I discovered about myself and my blocks and how fast he managed to help me overcome them. I now feel I am on the right track and have much more clarity about not only my own future but my company’s as well. I am in a much better head space and feel I can turn things around with some hard work. I have no hesitation in recommending Sanj. His talents are truly amazing!


Sanj simply made a life times worth of negative beliefs and emotions just dissapear. You’re there with heavy baggage one minute and by the time you leave it’s melted away. The more I see Sanj, the more I realise I am finding myself once again.


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