Professional Development in Organizations

Super Charge your Resilience!

A change in attitude goes a long way!

Who is this program suited for?

  • For leaders or prospective leaders wanting to fast-track personal and professional expansion
  • For employers who want to create a more productive and collaborative working environment
  • For employees who want to contribute more and be recognized for their efforts
  • For anyone seeking super charged inner resilience and have better confidence, health & wellbeing in the workplace

Program Potential

Improved Team Dynamics

  • Improve your dynamic with your peers
  • Become more collaborative and less competitive
  • Engage with more confidence and purpose

Improve Decision Making Abilities

  • Feel more conviction when making decisions
  • Make decisions based on corporate aspirations and “the bigger picture”
  • Collaborate better to reach consensus-based decisions
  • Experience a greater sense of ease when making decisions

Enhance Leadership Qualities

  • Amplify leadership qualities and believe you can be a good leader NOW
  • Lead with a greater sense of authenticity and clarity
  • Become more inspirational to your team and peers

Personal Growth

  • Experience personal transformation like never before
  • Develop greater person resilience and healthier boundaries in the workplace
  • Become a better version of YOU after EVERY session
  • Feel more empowered from within
  • Have more ‘aha’ moments and experience more creativity and clarity
  • ‘Expand’ your day and be more productive
  • Create a mindset that’s more resilient and positive than ever before
  • Burst through any plateaus you may have reached

Greater Resilience, Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace

  • Manage your work stress far better than ever before
  • Create a greater sense of ease about yourself and the work you do
  • Reduce your fears -> reduce stress -> better health and wellbeing -> greater resilience
  • Have a mindset that supports YOU

What’s Involved?

Individualized sessions using highly effective release techniques

  • release negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions about your modus operandi at work
  • release irrational fears affecting your ability to contribute or communicate with your colleagues
  • release unwanted patterns of behaviour
  • tackle imposter syndrome
  • release negative feelings and emotions that block your brilliance in the workplace (regardless of how long you’ve had them)


An inspired working day
Creating a Corporate Culture

Coaching vs Release Approaches

  • Coaching usually entails someone telling or guiding you on what to do or how you should be. As part of my release program, you get to experience a greater sense of resilience and authenticity from within after every release – you will then feel more empowered to move forward in a way more in line with you. There is no one telling you what to do or how to be.
  • Coaching will try to get you to become aware of your negative patterns of behaviour but unless you have a way to release these unwanted patterns, awareness of them alone is often not enough to transcend them.
  • Coaching can often be very ‘goal’ oriented but unless you have a way to release your blocks from achieving a specific goal, it can often create more stress and anxiety.
  • Coaching aims to give you the tools to become a better leader, manager or whatever. HOWEVER, would you rather have the tools or release whatever is blocking you from just feeling that way NOW?
  • Releasing will also take into account any personal challenges you may be facing that could be impacting work e.g. health, disability, depression, death of spouse or anyone close, caring needs, divorce etc. Quite often, the stress around external pressures and commitments can impact the quality of your work life. Just releasing your feelings of stress and anxiety around these situations can have a huge positive impact on thge way you feel about work.
  • After every release session, you will naturally feel more empowered FROM WITHIN – allowing you to step into your own brilliance!

About You (Potential Candidate)

  • Open to personal exploration, growth and expansion
  • Honest and open about negative beliefs, attitudes, judgements and emotions
  • Looking for change and more inner resilience
  • Genuinely want to DO better and CONTRIBUTE more

About Me

  • Over 30 years consulting experience in the corporate sector mostly in FTSE100 companies
  • Provide a confidential, safe and non-judgemental space for rapid change and transformation
  • I have healthy boundaries and value your time and space, as I hope you will mine
  • 100% committed to the process and your development plan
  • Realistic and will move at a pace suited to you
  • Have an ever-expanding view of what’s possible and the human potential
  • Experienced in ‘challenging’ cases
  • Have worked with people at all corporate levels and across many different industries

Good to Know

  • Purchase blocks of seven sessions – to make real impactful and lasting change
  • Sessions are transferrable to another employee
  • Best carried out weekly or fortnightly initially, then can be less frequent
  • First few sessions generally last 1-2 hrs, gets shorter as you get used to the process
  • Can be done on company premises
  • Releases can be very deep and transformative—just letting you know!
  • Every session is completely confidential and carried out in person on a one-to-one basis
  • Online sessions can be done after doing at least three sessions in person
  • Change does not have to be scary, difficult or take an age!
  • As your fears reduce, your creativity, happiness and sense of joy all increase
  • If you have a baseline negative approach to life, results may take longer
  • You are capable of much more than you think!
  • BONUS—sessions will improve other aspects of your life, not just work
  • If you feel like you don’t have the time – then you should definitely consider this program!

Frequently Asked

How many sessions will I need?

This depends entirely on what you want to achieve and the depth of change you wish to undertake. Sessions come in blocks of seven and should ideally be done weekly or fortnightly initially to get the most out of the program.

What is involved in a program?

The main content of the program is based on two main categories:

1. Your idea of an ideal work day

2. How you want to ‘present’ at work every day i.e. the mindset you would like and the way you want to interact

Your answers to these will determine the content of the program and our focus for each session.

How long does a session usually take?

Sessions usually take 1-2hrs. What’s important is not so much the time but you leaving the session in a lifted and lighter state!

What's involved in an actual session?

Every session is focused on releasing some aspect of you that is ‘resisting’ having a happy and productive working day. To achieve this I will help you discover and release the sub-conscious patterns (limiting beliefs & emotions) contributing to this resistance. When resistance is dropped, you discover a part of you you’ve probably buried for a long time – a part that feels more like the real you.

The more we do this, the more empowered and resilient you will become.

What's the difference between what you offer and 'traditional' soft skill training programs?

After 30 years in the corporate sector, I can honestly say I have never been on a workplace course that has had any real impact on my mindset. All I ever heard was “We’ll give you the tools to be a better …”

Would you rather have the tools or actaully BE a better … NOW?!

The blend of release and personal development I practice is not yet commonplace – I am hoping one day it will be.

What is the essence of your approach to enhancing leadership qualities?

Let me being by asking you a question –

Are you in it for yourself or for others?

A true leader will be able to tell you from the heart they are in it for others and the ‘greater good’ (don’t mean to sound cliched but it’s the truth!).

The leadership program will help you begin to really feel this from within. From this empowered state, you will being to realise your potential as a leader.

This is not just for the leader of the organization – it’s the same for anyone in a leadership or management role. Even for thought leaders or creatives.

Just look around your organization and the leaders, experts or managers you admire, respect or are inspired by the most. They will exude this quality slightly more than their peers 🙂

I feel unsupported at work, can you still help me?

Indeed 🙂

I will help you clear this feeling first and then see what comes up. Often, when we don’t feel supported at work it is because we are trying to control something (or someone) out of our control or we are experiencing a deep insecurity about something. In most cases, the feeling will have been there even before you started the job!

My goal for you in this case would be to get you to a point where you are more comfortable with both giving and receiving support along with healthy boundaries whilst doing so.

What if I don't 'get it' on the first session?

That’s OK. If you’ve never done this kind of exploration before it may take a few sessions to get into it. In the end, I am confident you’ll be happy you stuck with it.

Does the process involve any hypnosis or counselling?

No! The release process encourages negative beliefs, emotions and sabotage patterns to come to the surface so they can be released. At the end of the release, your thoughts and perspective on the specific issue being worked on will automatically change. This will allow you to move forward with a fresh outlook – one that is more in line with your authentic self.


What if I have suffered from trauma or abuse in the past?

Your past trauma’s and suffering can indeed impact your behaviour at work. If you have suffered a traumatic incident or incidents in your past, please discuss your situation with me first. However, as the technique is also great for shifting trauma, we will manage this in the most empathetic way.

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