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Frequently Asked

How many Personal or Professional sessions can I have in a week?

This depends entirely on what is being worked on. However, I usually recommend doing no more than one or two sessions a week. This will allow the nervous system enough time to forge new pathways and elevate your state.

Why are your fees higher than 'traditional' counselling?

I understand why you might compare the two but they are quite different! My focus is on empowering you to release trauma, negative emotions and beliefs, and unhealthy attachments in every session.

Let me also ask you some questions:

If you came to see me with chronic depression symptoms and I was able to help drastically improve your circumstances through my sessions, what price is that worth to you?
If you came to see me about attracting a new job opportunity with more pay and we were successful in doing that, will you pay me more?
If you came to see me about quickly improving your relationship with your partner, surely you’d be getting excellent value if we manage to achieve this?

I have had many people come to see me that have also had traditional counselling and all have commented on how different, targeted and effective the approach is.

Obviously, everyone’s circumstances and predispositions are different and there are no absolute guarantees, but that’s the same with whatever personal development services you pay for!

How do I book make a booking?

Use the Contact page to book a session. Please indicate in the message what service you are interested in. Please ensure you have read the Disclaimer prior to sending a message. Thanks!

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