Professional Development

What are you putting out there?

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Profressional Development Program

A Professional Development program that is tailored around your desired outcomes for your career choice. Programs are generally focused on releasing the internal resistance you are carrying (knowingly or unknowingly) that prevent you from aligning with your career aspirations. They are truly for those who desire to be the change they wish to see.

Sessions are aimed at bringing out more of your personal potential by changing what you are presently projecting . The less internal conflict you have about what you want, the greater the chance you have of getting more clarity on your goals, achieving what you want, or something even better!

The beauty is, each and every session will also have an impact on your personal life, not just your professional side. After all, YOU are involved in both!


Be the change!


Current Status

What is it you want to change? Is it realistic? What is holding you back?
Let’s discuss …


Formulate a plan

Here we will look at all the aspects of YOU that are holding you back and formulate a plan to address them all.

Execute and Feedback

As we go through the program, your environment and circumstances will give us the feedback we need to move forward. Each iteration will bring out a fresher perspective and more authenticity from within.

What can be helped?

  • stress management
  • the way you are currently ‘reacting’ in your environment
  • recognition and promotion
  • capacity to do more
  • creativity
  • play
  • stagnation, stuck
  • decision making
  • productivity level
  • teamwork & communication
  • collaboration
  • self confidence
  • bullying
  • workplace anxiety
  • business ownership
  • business expansion
  • people skills
  • conflict
  • co-operation
  • conduct issues
  • media & fame
    • dealing with
    • generating
    • stress and strains of
  • starting a new business
  • self-worth
  • wealth & abundance issues
  • corporate culture
  • bias
  • leadership skills
  • mediation
  • trust issues
  • skills and abilities
  • influencing and leading
  • building resilience
  • change
  • staff selection
  • mental health
  • success mind
  • and much more …

Frequently Asked

How many sessions will I need?

This depends entirely on what you want to achieve and the depth of change you wish to undertake. Please however, be realistic with your expectations. I usually recommend weekly sessions to begin with.

What is involved in a program?

A program is usually very fluid and depends entirely on your feedback. As your confidence, self-esteem, level of authenticity or whatever we’re working on increases, you will be able to notice changes in your environment / interactions / creativity as well.

How long does a session usually take?

Sessions usually take 1-2hrs. What’s important is not so much the time but you leaving the session in a lifted and lighter state!

I feel completely stuck. Can you still help me?

Often, we feel stuck when we are resisting something in our lives. I will work with you to uncover whatever it is you are resisting and help you overcome it. This will allow you to move forward or simply have more enjoyment with what you are doing.

If I work on abundance issues will I become wealthy?

This is a very common question! As part of the program, I will explore with you what abundance and wealth really mean to you … this will help you draw your own conclusions.

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