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the body’s way of telling you that ‘some-thing’ needs addressing


the story, emotions and attachments YOU have associated with the pain

At my pain management clinic in Bushey, I employ a range of techniques to address both physical pain and any emotional suffering you may also be experiencing. In fact, quite often it is the suffering that requires more care and attention than the pain itself!

Whether it’s acute or chronic pain, related to an accident, an injury or illness, pain can be quite debilitating in certain circumstances. It can have an effect not only on your motivation and enjoyment of life, but also on your work, your relationships and your lifestyle.

My approach can be adopted alongside something you may already be doing or employed on its own. The only requirement is an open mind and a willingness to ‘let go’ as much as you are able to.

My Approach


Initial Assessment

This will involve an in-depth discussion about your pain and how it came to be.


The way forward

Recommendations based on the assessment above at the level of commitment you are comfortable with.


Treatment Program

I will use any one or more of the tools and techniques described on this website to help you manage, reduce or eliminate your pain. In most cases I tend to start with Tachyonized Products and Emotional Release sessions. This will help to address both the physical and mental components of your pain issue. I may also recommend some changes to your diet if the situation calls for it.

What I can help with

I can help with a wide variety of pain related issues regardless of how long you have had it for.

I can also make recommendations if you are about to have major surgery or are going through an invasive treatment program for something such as cancer to help reduce the side effects.

If you have just been through major surgery or treatment, I can also assist with recovery and help to speed up the healing process.

Frequently Asked

Why do you incorporate pain and suffering together?

Unfortunately, many people become attached to their pain in some way without even realizing it. This attachment makes for suffering and can even keep pain in place. It is the suffering that often needs more attention than the pain itself.

Do you address secondary gain?

Secondary gain is when the pain is serving you in some way e.g. the fragile woman who only gets attention from her children when she is in pain. Secondary gain is a learned pattern and is indeed addressed as part of any pain relief program.

What if I don't know what's causing my pain?

That’s OK! During the assessment we will do our best to narrow down possibilities. Even if we don’t find the root cause it doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it.

I am on medication prescribed by my doctor. Will this affect anything?

I cannot advise on medications other than informing you to seek professional help to check any contra-indtications as part of the program. I would suggest working with your GP if you desire to come off any medication as part of any recovery program.

Are any of your treatments 'hands on'?

Generally no. However, if we agree the incorporation of any sort of energy healing, the process may involve very light touch. I will always be respectful of your personal boundaries as I expect you to be of mine.

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