Managing Arthritis Naturally

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Managing Arthritis Naturally

Arthritis is becoming increasingly common and in the UK alone, millions suffer from some sort of arthritis or related joint condition.

Below we will look at the common definition for arthritis and the symptoms typically associated with this ailment. There are thought to be over 200 forms of arthritis but the intention of this writing is to give you an overview of the fundamentals of arthritis and some tips for managing the condition using more natural means.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a physical condition that causes pain and inflammation in a joint. It can affect people of all ages including children.

There are many forms of arthritis, the two most common being osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Osteoarthritis is believed to be a degenerative disease that affects the smooth cartilage lining of the joint. As a result of wear and tear, this smooth cartilage wears down which causes the bones to rub together subsequently causing pain, swelling and stiffness to occur.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

In rheumatoid arthritis there is also pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints. However, in this specific condition the immune system itself attacks the cells that line the joints. This attacking of the cells can cause flare ups, inflammation and severe pain as well as reduced function or mobility.

Both forms can contribute to a change in shape of the joint and force the bones out of their normal position.

Symptoms of Arthritis?

As mentioned, the main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain, stiffness and joint mobility issues. Joints can feel tender and swollen and can even sound like they’re ‘cracking’ when in use.

The severity of symptoms can vary greatly between individuals as can the affected joints. For some it may just be mild and intermittent, for others, it can drastically affect the quality of their life and their ability to carry out everyday activities.

Arthritis can present in almost any joint but it is more common in the knee, hip, hand and wrist joints.

How Arthritis occurs – conventional view

The root cause of why arthritis occurs is still unknown. However, conventional thinking does offer several things that are thought to increase your risk of developing arthritis:

– obesity – excess weight is thought to put additional stress on joints
– injury to joints – through overuse or if not given enough time to heal after an actual trauma
– age and sex – females are thought to be more prone to the disease
– genetics – if arthritis runs in the family it is thought it can predispose descendants to the illness

How Arthritis occurs – alternative perspective

It is widely thought in the naturopathic world that arthritis, just like many other ailments, is usually born out of stress, trauma and/or genetic predisposition.

If any of these factors go unchecked for a period of time, the physical condition can set in.

During certain types of stress or trauma, the body will utilise whatever resources it has to combat the stress in an attempt to bring it back into balance. Valuable minerals (mostly calcium) are displaced from the bones/joints to other areas of the body in an attempt to manage the stress. If this stress is prolonged, and the body cannot replenish the minerals, ailments such as arthritis can take hold.

Your body is always trying to protect you and it will use whatever resources it has to bring it back into balance. Joints/bones are usually considered secondary to the vital organs and therefore, in the case of arthritis, it will use the minerals stored in the bones and joint tissues first.

From a holistic perspective, below are the three key elements you will usually find in those suffering from arthritis:

– Emotional Stress Indicators

In the case of arthritis, you will usually find the sufferer is very stubborn, has control issues and usually insists on having things their own way. They often use their stubbornness as a safety mechanism and as a way to create personal boundaries. They may even use their illness as a means to control others and get support in the way that they want it (e.g. getting out of chores and getting others to do them instead). They also tend to fear change and are usually very rigid in their views and behaviours.

In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, there is usually a huge self sabotage pattern and one of being overly self-critical. Their mind is constantly attacking themselves in a very destructive way.

However the emotional stress presents itself, it’s usually as a result of some trauma that subsequently conditions the mind and causes the above behavioural traits to manifest.

– Nutritional Indicators

Diet and nutrition can indeed play a huge factor in arthritic symptoms. When a diet is very challenging and overly acidic, to balance out this type of stress, the body compensates by using existing mineral stores, especially from the bones where there is a concentration of them. When these get depleted and are not being replenished because of nutrient deficiency and/or poor absorption, ailments such as arthritis have a chance to take hold.

– Genetics

Not only do we inherit our looks and temperament from our parents, we can also inherit their predisposition to certain aliments. If there is a family history of joint conditions or other similar ailments, it can predispose future generations to arthritis in one of its many forms. It usually (but not always) takes some form of trauma or environmental stress to trigger the condition.

Tips for Managing Arthritis Naturally

Diet & Nutrition

By adopting a diet that is less challenging to the body (i.e. eliminate processed foods), anti-inflammatory and more alkaline in nature, it will encourage the body to heal and bring it into balance. Coupling the plan with the right supplements can also help with alleviating the arthritic symptoms.

It would be ideal to have a diet that is

– high in fibre
– full of nutrient dense foods containing natural sources of vitamins, minerals and EFAs
– varied and colourful
– hydrating

There are many sources on the internet of what this could look like but if you’re looking for a nutrition plan tailored to your specific arthritic condition, it would be best to consult a nutritional advisor.

Emotional / Trauma Release

Emotions and past trauma are often overlooked when addressing physical conditions but quite often, it is because they are not considered early enough that physical ailments occur.

With arthritis, in many cases the personality traits described above will have been there well before arthritic symptoms even appeared.

Addressing and resolving related past traumas and stress factors can indeed have a dramatic effect on physical ailments. After all, if your being is no longer being subjected to the emotional baggage/stress you are carrying, the physical body will no longer have to compensate and respond with the same intensity of symptoms.

Motion / Movement

Depending on the severity of the arthritis this may be difficult for some. However, developing a stronger and more flexible body can indeed improve joint mobility issues. Dance, yoga, swimming, weight training, exercise can all help develop stronger bones and more flexible joints. Remember, a flexible body invites a flexible mind – one that an arthritic sufferer could really benefit from! Always take into account your current level of mobility and pain tolerance before embarking on a physical activity program.

Products Good for Arthritis

I get asked constantly “is there something natural I can take for arthritis?”

Combined with natural approaches mentioned above, there are also a few products I routinely recommend to help people on their healing journey.

Those highlighted below are chosen because of their effectiveness and ease of use. If used as part of your healing regime, they can help bring about tremendous transformation and pain management.

As with all things, it is advisable to seek professional advice if you have concerns about whether your approach is the most suitable for you.

– Tachyonized Silica Gel

Tachyonized Silica Gel

Tachyonized Silica Gel is derived from quartz crystals (the purest form of silica). It is a liquid colloidal preparation in which microscopic Tachyonized particles of silica.

It is suggested for health challenges that affect the bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, connective tissue, brain, heart, immune system, and nerves. In both the animal and plant kingdoms, silica is a structural building block. It is found throughout the whole body and is essential to health.

Many people whom I have recommended this to reported reduced pain and improved mobility after just a few weeks. Bone density also improved as did other joint aches and pains, hair, teeth and nails. It is probably one of the most effective products when addressing arthritic symptoms or any other joint issue you may have.

– Tachyonized Green Matrix

Tachyonized Green Matrix

Tachyonized Green Matrix is a blend of superfoods (Blue-Green Algae, Hawaiian Spirulina) along with some other ingredients to make up a very potent powder.

Use for increased energy and mental clarity, increased circulation, cellular regeneration, reduced hunger, maintenance of normal blood sugar levels, and cleansing and building of the blood.

Taken first thing in the morning and in the afternoon on an empty stomach it can also promote detoxification when used as part of healthy nutrition program.

Use as part of your recovery regime to aid in the tissue repair of arthritic joints and for general immune enhancement.

– Tachyonized Ultra Freeze Plus

Tachyonized Ultra Freeze

Tachyon Micro-S Ultra Freeze Plus helps promote relief of pain from arthritis, back pain, headaches, athletic injuries, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome, dental pain, allergies, asthma, and sinusitis. Capable of quickly restoring balance to tired and sore muscles.

It is a topical lotion that you rub into the affected parts once or twice daily.

This product delivers on pain relief where many others just simply don’t! It has always been my go to item for any sort of muscle ache or joint pain.

– Tachyonized Anti-Inflammatory Remedy

Tachyonized Anti Inflammatory

The herbs in this compound help to relieve the intensity and duration of inflammation process which then minimizes tissue damage and speeds up the healing process.

This is especially useful in arthritis conditions involving inflammation, redness, soreness and pain. It is also indicated in auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

It is taken as a tincture in water usually between meals and when used alongside the products above, it can aid tremendously with the symptoms of arthritis.

The Tachyonized products mentioned above can be found at Further information on the benefits can also be found in the article Tachyon Energy Healing.

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Final thoughts …

Arthritis can be a debilitating condition for many and when not thoughtfully addressed, can be made even worse. Unfortunately, conventional approaches are limited in their effects and offer little help in managing the condition, let alone the chance to arrest its progress or effectively alleviate the symptoms.

Hopefully the information and tips above will empower you to take ownership of your own arthritis condition and embark on a healing journey of personal expansion, increased mobility and reduced pain.

Get out of your own way and start today!

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