Loneliness Counselling

Helping you shake the feeling!


an emotion that relates to feeling cut off or disconnected from someone, some thing, your environment, or even yourself

Sadly, feelings of loneliness are experienced by many people and for some, it can feel like the end of the world.

It can be experienced in various guises depending on the individual. For some it may just be at work, for others, it may be at home or perhaps even in a relationship.

For some, the feeling is so great it has nothing to do with the degree of social contact, relationships, family or community. The feeling is all consuming and can even attract or occur simultaneously with other negative states such as fear, depression or anxiety.

What can bring on feelings of loneliness?

It is usually a stressful life event or trauma that triggers the emotion to come to be.

Typical events could be:

  • Divorce or relationship break up
  • Bereavement or loss
  • Bullying or abuse
  • House move or relocation of some sort
  • Stress
  • Career issues
  • Deliberate exclusion by peers, colleagues, friends or family
  • Social media
  • Self-image complex
  • Financial worries (not having enough or having too much)
  • Fears and phobias
  • Discrimination of any sort
  • Estrangement from family

Your perspective of loneliness can cause suffering

Loneliness is a lower vibration emotion or feeling. The arising of this feeling is not a problem in itself, it is more the meaning we give it through the filter of our own perspective. Any attachment or meaning we give it can pave the way for suffering. The more meaning, energy and focus we give it, the more suffering we will experience. If you feel lonely, you have probably noticed that dwelling on it only makes it worse!

An opportunity to grow

If we take a step back, the level of emotional suffering we may be facing could be an indicator that something in our current life experience is out of balance and not working for us.

Think of the loneliness feelings as a message from the sub-conscious that something in our life needs to be addressed. If that life issue is addressed and resolved, it not only creates an opening to grow as an individual, it also can allow the feeling of loneliness to dissipate or retreat.

The reality is it’s usually something in our past that needs to be acknowledged and appeased. It could be some trauma, event, irrational fear or something else we’re trying to avoid experiencing that is giving rise to the feelings of loneliness.

Emotional Release Sessions for Loneliness

Personal Transformation / Emotional Release sessions can dramatically improve the way a person feels in a relatively short space of time. Whether the root cause is trauma related or just down to current circumstances, the techniques I use can have a major impact on the way you feel. It doesn’t always have to be a long drawn out process as in many conventional approaches. 

Feelings of loneliness don’t have to be a way of life – don’t let them run yours! 


The key to change and growth

Improve outcomes, super-charge resilience and bring out your brilliance

Start to see each other in a new light

Lift your spirits and rediscover YOU

Helping you shake the feeling!

Don't just cope with it - Resolve it!

Accept, Heal, Rebuild

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