How empowering an Influencer to be more herself allowed her move past her blocks and enhance her success and sense of worth.

Becoming a successful Influencer can take a lot of effort, personal commitment, dedication and a very thick skin! Many Influencers may start out with the best intentions but over time, find themselves totally consumed by the “feedback” from social media and even sponsors. Be this from comments, likes, dislikes, monetization, image, etc. the fickleness of it all can create serious internal anxiety, stress, image, health and identity issues.

If you haven’t noticed already, the most successful Influencers are the ones who are able to remain the most authentic and true to themselves regardless of the feedback. They have healthy boundaries and are able to stay centred through all the positive and negative feedback. I mention positive here as even positive feedback can feed the ego and create identity issues.

The case below is that of an Influencer who felt as though she had reached a plateau in her efforts, her brand and within herself. After a series of Professional Development sessions, we were able to unmask and release her internal blocks allowing her to reinvent herself and surge forward with her growth.

Social Media influencer and business owner

Reached plateau in terms of following, monetization, and general motivation

Underlying feelings related to worthiness, frustration, victim energy, fame, respect, success, being taken seriously, being heard

Resolve underlying feelings above and see what happens!

A completely different perception of self and self-image!
A greater ease, grace and beauty about her.
More authenticity about her demeanor.

Refocus of brand and image, greater motivation, increased following, less trolling.
Collaborations with other creatives.

*Please note results are unique to each individual person, their circumstances and level of commitment/willingness to change.

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