How to make linseed tea

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How to make linseed tea / flax seed tea


Add to a saucepan, two tablespoons of linseeds and one litre of clean water

adding linseeds

Bring the mixture to a boil

boiling linseeds

Turn off the heat and cover.

Leave the mixture away from the heat for 10-12 hours

covered linseeds after boiling

Gently simmer the tea for one hour (lid removed).

Strain off the seeds an empty the liquid into a suitable container.

strained linseed liquid

Allow to cool, cover and store in the fridge.

Mixture can be used to make linseed tea over the next two days.

Simply add some of the liquid to a mug and then add hot water. Taste is fairly neutral.

Take as recommended by your practitioner as part of your nutritional healing program.

cup of linseed tea

Benefits of Linseed Tea

Linseed tea is great for hydrating the body and calming the nervous system. It can also make you feel fuller if taken before meals so is great for regulating appetite.

It’s overall effect when used as part of a detox program is to send a message of hydration and security throughout the body – allowing an ‘easing off’ of cells in a contracted state.

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