Holistic Approach to Health & Wellbeing

How are you suffering?

A naturopathic and holistic approach to dis-ease and disorder

Holistic Approach to Health and Wellbeing in Practice

Throughout my years I have come across and studied numerous complementary and alternative therapies. I have held onto the knowledge of what worked for me and was replicable for others and discarded more than I care to think about!

I am truly thankful to all my mentors as they have shaped my holistic view of disease and disorder.

I now offer a range of services for those looking for a more holistic approach to health improvement, weight management, detoxificatoin, healing, pain management and illness recovery.

Sessions will take into account your history and presenting symptoms and will help you begin to understand how the issue(s) may have come to manifest. Depending your level of comfort and resources, I can throw the kicthen sink (!) at the issue or just help you make better lifestyle choices.

If you want help with a very challenging issue, then be prepared to make the appropriate changes in your lifestyle and eating habits!

Sessions are available daytime, evenings and Saturdays. At present, I am only doing face to face sessions in the Bushey, Hertsmere area.


All Encompassing

Nutritional Healing

Using naturopathic techniques, food and possibly supplements to promote restoration and recovery from illness. Can also include programs for weight loss, detox and for a general healthy lifestyle.

Energy Healing & Meditation

It was early on in his career that Sanjeev learned to conduct energy through his body and raise the vibration in others. He will often use this ability to help relieve pain and bring peace and quietness to a troubled mind.

Tachyon Energy Healing

Sanjeev has been using tachyon energy healing products since before 2000! His proficiency and understanding of the products have helped to bring about balance, pain reduction and recovery to numerous people. The results he has witnessed has made this a firm favourite for many physical conditions and ailments.

Emotional Release

Think of physical symptoms as messages from the body that something needs to be addressed. In the majority of cases, it is usually the suppression of certain emotions or trauma that eventually led to the physical symptom(s). Sanjeev will use his ability to hone in on these emotions and help you to release them, thus inviting your natural healing abilities to kick in.

What I can help with

Unfortunately, man has managed to label thousands of physical conditions instead of seeing them as a dysfunction of the whole.

Rather than list them all out here, I invite you to reach out to me for a free chat about whether I can help you with your issue or condition.

Frequently Asked

How does it work in practice?

It all starts with an in depth conversation about the ailment or challenge you are facing. We will review your history together and see how you arrived at your present day circumstances. I can then make recommendations and create a wellbeing program that suits your needs and current comfort levels. These recommendations can encompass any of the above.

What is a healing meditation?

This is where I invite healing and balancing energies to help quieten your mind. Imagine having the opportunity to completely switch off, empty your mind and sit in healing energy for 20mins! Studies have shown that being able to switch off so deeply can amplify the body’s natural immune system and help reduce stress levels.

Can I elect to come just for a specific service?

Of course! If you want to come just for a specific option such as meditation or emotional release that’s completely OK.

I am on medication prescribed by my doctor. Will this affect anything?

I cannot advise on medications other than informing you to seek professional help to check any contra-indtications as part of the program. I would suggest working with your GP if you desire to come off any medication as part of any recovery program.

Can you heal me of ... ?

I believe we can all make changes in our health and wellbeing by:

  • following an eating plan that does not stress the body
  • using supplements correctly and at the right time
  • adopting a lifestyle that includes movement and being in nature
  • releasing emotional baggage and destructive/negative patterns of behaviour

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