Healing Crisis – your questions answered

healing crisis definition

put simply, a healing crisis can be thought of as an undertaking of the body towards a new level of health & wellbeing


What causes a healing crisis?

Broadly speaking, a healing crisis can occur when the body is able to muster enough energy to shed something unwanted and move to a new, healthier and more balanced state.

Typically, this energy surge can come from:

  • internally
    when going through a nutritional detox program energy is freed up as a result of not having to overuse it for digestion and so it can be used for detoxification and nurturing.
    Emotional release work can also have a similar effect though in practice, the crisis is often bypassed or very short lived
  • externally
    from some type of energy healing application such a Tachyon, Reiki or Spiritual Healing to name a few

Symptoms of a healing crisis

Regardless of where the ‘extra’ energy comes from, someone going through a healing crisis could experience any of the following symptoms (but not limited to):

  • physical pain
  • emotional upset, anxiety
  • crying, sadness, irritability, sense of loss
  • cold or flu like symptoms
  • upset stomach
  • unpleasant bowel movements
  • additional bowel movements
  • skin irritation
  • headaches, nausea, lethargy
  • neck ache, back ache
  • heavy or readjustment of period
  • onset of old symptoms where the healing process was somehow blocked or suppressed

How long does a healing crisis last?

It can last from a few minutes to a few weeks. It all depends on what the body is trying to reorder to create balance.

Is a healing crisis a good thing?

Yes! To the unaware, it may seem like a negative effect but in reality, it is the body’s natural healing response as it begins to move towards health and balance. It is a welcomed sign that a depleted system is beginning to function at a higher level.

Does a healing crisis always occur if I am going through a detox or receiving healing?

No. Many people can reach an improved state of health or balance without needing to go through a healing crisis. Much of it depends on the modality being employed to achieve a healing.


Managing a healing crisis

  • firstly, ensure it is actually a healing crisis by working with your practitioner or by tuning in to your own inner wisdom
  • do as little as possible – if possible. If the symptoms get unbearable for a long period, work with your practitioner to support the reaction and make it more bearable
  • do not suppress the symptoms. Suppression of symptoms in the past is usually a factor in why many people seek a detox or healing program!

The above are observations from my practice and do not constitute medical advice.
Always consult your physician if you have concerns about any symptoms or ailments you are experiencing.

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