Healing Crisis

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Defining a Healing Crisis

a healing crisis can be thought of as the physical and/or emotional ‘adjustments’ of the body as it moves from a lower level to a higher level of health or wellbeing


What causes a Healing Crisis

Broadly speaking, a healing crisis can occur when the body is able to muster enough energy to shed something ‘unwanted’ and move to a new, healthier and more balanced state.

Typically, this energy surge can come from:

  • going through a nutritional detox program
  • an epiphany or deep realisation – causing the mind and body to readjust to a new, deeper understanding
  • deliberate emotional release work – though in practice, the crisis is often bypassed or very short lived
  • from some type of energy healing application such a Tachyon, Reiki or Spiritual Healing to name a few

Symptoms of a Healing Crisis

Regardless of where the ‘extra’ energy comes from, someone going through a healing crisis could experience any of the following symptoms (but not limited to):

  • physical pain
  • emotional upset, anxiety
  • crying, sadness, irritability, sense of loss
  • cold or flu like symptoms
  • upset stomach
  • unpleasant bowel movements
  • additional bowel movements
  • skin irritation
  • headaches, nausea, lethargy
  • neck ache, back ache
  • heavy or readjustment of period
  • onset of old symptoms where the healing process was somehow blocked or suppressed at the time of occurence

How long does a Healing Crisis last?

It can last from a few minutes to a few weeks. It all depends on what the body is trying to reorder to create balance.

Is a Healing Crisis a good thing?

Yes! To the unaware, it may seem like a negative effect but in reality, it is the body’s natural healing response as it begins to move towards health and balance. It is a welcome sign that a depleted system is beginning to function at a higher level.

Does a Healing Crisis always occur if I am going through a detox or receiving healing?

No. Many people can reach an improved state of health or balance without needing to go through a healing crisis. Much of it depends on the modality being employed to achieve a healing and the mindset of the individual.


How do I manage a Healing Crisis?

Some tips on managing a healing crisis include:

  • firstly, ensure it is actually a healing crisis by working with your practitioner or by tuning into your own inner wisdom
  • do as little as possible – if possible. If the symptoms are unbearable, work with your practitioner to support the reaction and make it more bearable
  • do not suppress the symptoms. Suppression of symptoms in the past is usually a factor in why many people seek a detox or healing program!

(Always consult your doctor or a qualified practitioner if you’re not sure about any symptoms you are experiencing)


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