Personal Transformation and
Emotional Release Counselling

These go hand-in-hand and are the key to change

What is Emotional Release Counselling?

Your limiting beliefs, patterns and the stories you tell yourself (and live by) are the very things that create suffering in your life. They disconnect you from your truth, your sense of joy or peace and from others as well as the world at large. If left unchecked, these limiting patterns contribute to stress, anxiety and a more limited, unfulfilled life experience.

How are limiting patterns formed?

Limiting patterns are usually formed as a results of:

  • trauma from life experiences
    (mostly in childhood)
  • environmental conditioners
    (family, school, community, workplace etc.)
  • genetics
    (the patterns we inherit)

Emotions are our Guidance Mechanism

It is our emotions that tell us when we are off course or out of kilter. They are therefore what we need to address to effect real change and transformation. Emotions can be thought of as vibrational energy and form part of the very essence of what we will attract into our lives. Unfortunately, over the years, we tend to suppress unwanted emotions as a coping mechanism to get on with our lives. However, unless these emotions are addressed and resolved, they maintain their vibration and become very the subconscious patterns we are governed by.

It is through emotional release techniques that we can address these vibrational imprints and free ourselves from their subconscious influences.

My Approach

Personal Transformation sessions are not just to help someone through difficult times. They are also great for personal growth and expansion and challenging your current (perceived) limits.

I will work with you to identify your limiting beliefs, the ‘story’ or excuses you keep telling yourself and the survival patterns you have created. I will help you to detach from your current way of thinking & feeling using an emotional release process which will allow for a new, more positive perspective to be formed – a perspective that is more in line with who you really are.

The aim of every session is to leave you feeling lighter, inspired and able to move forward with a new energy about you. Over time, I have noticed people naturally carry themselves with less effort and more grace than before.

Keeping it Simple


Let's Set an Intention

We will have a conversation about the situation you would like to work on and how you feel about it. We will agree a realistic intention for the session to set the tone for the release.


A deeper look

We will explore your feelings on the subject and how they have come to be. This exploration will help reveal what you are emotionally holding onto and may uncover suppressed traumas or conditioning.

Release and realize

I will guide through a gentle but powerful release which will invite a shift in your perspective … one you can adopt from then on.

Real Personal Transformation occurs only when you can truly resolve the trauma or baggage you are carrying.

What I can help with

I can help with dealing with change, trauma, personal development and much more. Some of what people have sought my services for include:

  • relationship issues
  • depression
  • health challenges
  • emotional upset
  • family issues
  • work issues
  • identity issues
  • divorce or seperation stress
  • nervousness
  • tension
  • shyness
  • fear around …
  • mental blocks
  • confidence issues
  • feelings of guilt or shame
  • fertility & pregnancy challenges
  • feelings of loneliness or abandon
  • introvertedness
  • parental woes
  • self-worth
  • self-esteem
  • physical pain
  • loss, grief, sadness
  • victimization
  • bullying
  • worry
  • abuse
  • bad luck
  • abundance issues
  • getting old
  • anxiety, stress, panic
  • vanity, self-image
  • low motivation or energy


Can you help with physical ailments?

YES! Physical ailments can often be the manifest of unresolved trauma. Resolving the underlying trauma can indeed help with the physical condition itself. Whilst I have witnessed the transformation of many different ailments, results cannot always be guaranteed that the physical issue itself will dissapear. What I do know is that if you address the underlying stress and emotional issues, the ailment has a better chance of being healed or of you finding the correct intervention to take you further. 

Can you help with anxiety and depression?

As these challenges are directly related to the way you feel, the short answer would be yes. Many people are surprised by how fast these conditions can change using the techniques I employ.

Do you use hypnosis in your sessions?

No. There is no hypnosis involved in any part of the process.

Can you help with my relationships?

I view relationships as a reflection of our inner state. Therefore, if you change your inner state your relationships will reflect this. Working directly on a relationship issue will allow you to resolve the inner turmoil, come to terms with it, and move through it in a manner that is more graceful and considered.

Can you help me overcome the passing of a loved one?

So sory to hear this. I can certainly help you resolve any unhealthy attachments you may have to a loved one. This will help you move on and honor their passing in a more peaceful way.

Can you help me improve my self esteem and sense of self worth?

Self esteem & self worth issues can limit our life experience and encourage feelings of isolation and loneliness to arise. In every session – no matter what the issue – you will begin to tap into your inner resources and start to see yourself in a new light … one that requires no further validation than just being YOU.

Can you help with addictions?

Having worked in an addiction clinic, I have seen first hand the toll an addiction can take on someone’s life and their loved ones. If you are willing to commit to the process and WANT to change, then please reach out to me to discuss my approach and how it could work for you.

I have a public facing role. Are your sessions confidential?

I have worked with many public facing figures and always treat every session with the strictest of confidence. What you share with me in a session and even the fact you have come to see will remain between us only – unless we have agreed otherwise.

Success Stories

“I came to see Sanj as I was feeling victimised and bullied at work. We worked on my issues and I was really amazed at the outcome. Soon after the sessions, I was moved to another manager and a different dept and am so much happier. Sanj told me my outer experience may change but I certainly was not expecting this! I cannot recommend him more highly.”


“I had no confidence around the opposite sex before I met Sanj. I went from being nervous and shy to just being myself around women. It has helped no end with my confidence, sociability and relationships.”

Anon Man

"The more I see Sanj, the less excuses I am able to conjure to keep holding myself back. Sanj helped me to uncover resources I didn’t even know I had and I now feel far more motivated and driven to live my life by my own design! I cannot thank him enough."


"I came to see Sanj as I had very poor self-esteem and self-image. I was having trouble finding a relationship and felt very low and alone within myself. It’s amazing the transformation I have undergone since seeing Sanj. I am now with someone I adore, I feel amazing and have a spring in my step once again! I am so grateful to Sanj for all he has done. He is incredibly modest but I would not have been able to do this without him."


"I have had counselling in the past was honestly getting nowhere. A friend raved about Sanj so I thought I’d give it go. I could not believe what happened. Not only did Sanj pinpoint the root cause of my issue and how it was serving me, he also managed to help me COMPLETELY detach from it. So much so that I cannot believe I was ever that type of person. My only regret is that I had not gone to see him sooner! Would have saved a LOT of time and money!"


"Sanj simply made a life times worth of negative beliefs and emotions just dissapear. You’re there with heavy baggage one minute and by the time you leave it’s melted away. The more I see Sanj, the more I realise I am finding myself once again."

Someone Greatful

Are you Ready?