Depression Therapy

Helping you lift your spirits and rediscover YOU

Depression Therapy

Depression Therapy

Depression can affect people in many ways and when it is chronic, it can have a very detrimental impact on the individual’s personal life, work life, friendships and family. The joy that was once there can seem like it’s slowly fading away, leaving a dark cloud of negative emotions, sense of impending doom and lack of engagement. Even making a simple decision can feel disproportionately larger than it perhaps really is.

Symptoms of Depression

Sadly, symptoms of depression can be wide and varied. Typically though, depression sufferers can experience:

  • low energy, lethargy, non-engagement, disassociation
  • lack of passion, joy, motivation
  • anxiety and resistance to life in general
  • feelings of low self-esteem, self-worth, guilt, shame
  • disturbed sleep patterns, poor concentration, mood swings
  • attraction to junk foods and stimulants
  • irritability, suicidal thoughts, feelings of loneliness/isolation
  • sense of hopelessness, helplessness, misunderstood
  • deep feelings of anger, resentment, worthlessness
  • and more…

The outward impact of depression can have far reaching effects in the sufferer’s everyday life. They may experience any of the following:

  • family dynamic issues and even breakdown
  • relationship woes and stresses
  • difficulty making decisions and commitments
  • wanting to control and/or be controlled
  • physical health issues (related to suppressed emotions)
  • constant recreation of depressed state
  • staying indoors or sticking to known or ‘safe’ spaces
  • job loss, job fatigue
  • addictions or other unhealthy attachments
  • and more…



The key to change and growth

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Start to see each other in a new light

Lift your spirits and rediscover YOU

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Depression Therapy – My Approach

I have a more unconventional but highly effective approach to managing and overcoming depresion symptoms. I hope you like it.


Gather the evidence

Here, we ascertain HOW you recognise depression? Through feelings and emotions? Through posture or physicality e.g. muscle tightness. Through pain? Whatever the symptoms are they will be brought to the forefront.


How did it come to be?

Let’s explore the circumstances that allowed depression to manifest. Was it trauma? Anxiety? Life circumstances? The real reasons may well be far from what you think you know. In some cases, it may not even be necessary to know all the contributing factors.

Release the patterns

At this stage I will guide you through a process to help you resolve the underlying emotional patterns and trauma. With each session, the anchors holding your depression in place will start to dissolve and you will begin to rediscover that part of you that may have felt lost – a part that you know has always been there.

Support the change

To manage the condition and/or help prevent it from returning, further sessions will focus on getting your life back on track and align you with the kind of person you always knew was there.

Just an fyi …

Every individual is unique and the level of internal self-sabotage is often the deciding factor on how quick results will be experienced. From the countless people I have seen over the years, I found that those that genuinely wanted the help got the most out of the program.

When you commit to depression therapy sessions with me, it is my intention to get you to a place where you are so far removed from the ‘depression state’ that you can barely even relate to it moving forward. And by doing it as quickly as is possible.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been depressed – all you need to get started is a willingness to explore and a commitment to see it through.

From time to time, I may also recommend supplements, healing aids, lifestyle and dietary changes to support your journey. The advice (only) will be included as part of your program.


How many sessions will I need?

How depression manifests is unique for each individual. The level of self-sabotage is unique for each individual. Whilst I have managed to lift the spirits of many in just a few sessions, it would be impossible to say how many sessions would be required for you.

I can say that those that had previously been through conventional methods have often commented that this approach was far quicker, more effective and would have saved them a lot of time and money comparatively speaking.

How long does each session last?

Please allow 45-90mins for each session. It is not the time it takes, but the outcome for the session I focus on.

Are sessions confidential?

Of course! If you’re in a position or profession where discretion is paramount, please rest assured anything shared before, during or after a session will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Are you Ready?