Depression counselling in London, Herts and surrounding areas

Through my practice, I have seen my fair share of, and provided relief and counselling to, people suffering with depression from in and around London.

In many cases, the depression had been there for many years, lurking in the background and constantly draining the sufferer from valuable life energy, joy and motivation.

Depression can affect people in many ways and when it is chronic, it can have a very detrimental impact on the individual’s personal life, work life, friendships and family. The joy that was once there can seem like it’s slowly fading away, leaving a dark cloud of negative emotions, sense of impending doom and lack of engagement. Even making a simple decision can feel disproportionately larger than it perhaps really is.

Symptoms of Depression

Sadly, symptoms of depression can be wide and varied. Typically though, depression sufferers can experience:

  • low energy, lethargy, non-engagement, disassociation
  • lack of passion, joy, motivation
  • anxiety and resistance to life in general
  • feelings of low self-esteem, self-worth, guilt, shame
  • disturbed sleep patterns, poor concentration, mood swings
  • attraction to junk foods and stimulants
  • irritability, suicidal thoughts, feelings of loneliness/isolation
  • sense of hopelessness, helplessness, misunderstood
  • deep feelings of anger, resentment, worthlessness
  • and more…

The outward impact of depression can have far reaching effects in the sufferer’s everyday life. They may attract any of the following:

  • family dynamic issues and even breakdown
  • relationship woes and stresses
  • difficulty making decisions and commitments
  • wanting to control and/or be controlled
  • physical health issues (related to suppressed emotions)
  • constant recreation of depressed state
  • staying indoors or sticking to known or ‘safe’ spaces
  • making non-sensical attachments to objects and people
  • job loss, job fatigue
  • and more…

Depression Counselling and Treatment

Below is an actual case about how I was able to help someone from London overcome the symptoms of depression in a relatively short space of time.

I often view depression as a collection of emotional patterns and states and this allows many of the negative emotions depression sufferers experience to be released in every session. These patterns can also be inherited from parents or ancestors, be acquired from mother during pregnancy and from any unresolved trauma a client may have endured. In each session, I am very mindful of this and always do my utmost to ensure these factors are also addressed.

Obviously, a willingness from the individual to receiving help and being open to letting go greatly increases the chances of alleviating symptoms that much quicker.

Middle-aged woman, divorced, physically healthy and fit, non-smoker, social drinker, unemployed

Chronic depression (10yrs plus). Constantly crying.
Family issues and broken personal relationships.
Cannot hold down job and had to leave last one.
Failed long-term relationships.
Sense of overwhelm with life in general.
Major lack of motivation.

Issues around worthlessness, worthiness, self-critic, self-image, anger, resentment, depression, abuse

Release depression ‘patterns’ and help her release any underlying trauma.
Provide some nutritional guidance and supplement recommendations.

Better boundaries and sense of self worth.
Stopped crying for first time in years.
Smiling from the inside.
Lighter feeling and mood greatly lifted.
Cannot even see herself creating depression pattern again.

Family dynamics greatly improved.
Motivated to reskill herself into a new profession.
Back in employment.
Excitement about new friends and relationships.

*Please note results are unique to each individual person, their circumstances and level of commitment/willingness to change.

If you would like to see whether this depression counselling approach could also work for you, please get in touch here. My practice is based in Bushey, not far from central London.

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