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If you’re interested in booking a consultation, please include a little information about what you would like to work on.


Just let me know what you would like clarification on and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Initial Chat?

Let’s schedule in 15mins to discuss your issue. Or even if you’d just like to ‘interview’ me.


How many issues can you work on in a session?

It’s usually one issue per session. We will agree on the issue and your perceptions around the issue at the start of the session. If your issue is based on something much deeper, we may need to address that first and then tackle your issue in another session if it also does not get resolved.

How long is a session?

Sessions usually take 1-2hrs and are dependent on many factors, including how you much are actually able to embrace change and how much you are able to connect with your emotions – even the uncomfortable ones!

How many sessions will I need to see a change?

This usually depends on the issue being worked on and your level of openess and trust during a session. I will attempt to guide you to a release in every session and when you ‘get’ it you will immediately feel a difference and notice a change in your perception about your issue. If the issue has been prevalent in your life in a big way, it may take several sessions to bring about a lasting shift.

What if I am the type of person who is always in their head?

For those who rely mostly on intellect and are always thinking, it may take a few sessions for you to align with the process. Even if you are constantly in your head, as long as you can feel your emotions you will still be able to benefit. It may just take a little longer. It is important not to get discouraged if you aren’t able to ‘get’ it on your first session. Sometimes it takes the serial ‘analyst’ a second or third try to finally open up! You will thank me once you do 🙂

Why do you ask for a greater investment than conventional counsellors?

I understand why you might ask this. There is a huge difference in healing a perception than talking, coping or strategising about it. When you heal a perception, it allows you to move forward with your highest truth. This new outlook allows better and brighter thoughts, ideas and experiences to come into your life – including just being at peace with it if that is what is needed.

Many of those whom I have helped have spents years or decades opting for the ‘conventional’ approach and did not get the growth they needed, wanted and deserved. In every session with me, growth is an inevtiable consequence of connecting to your inner wisdom and is part of the process.

I have experienced deep trauma in my life. Will you still be able to help me?

The traumas we have all had to endure are what shape our current perception of ourselves and the world at large. For us to move past our issues, the emotional imprint of the trauma needs to be released. Fortunately, the technique allows for a gentle but powerful release of this imprint. HOWEVER, if there is something that concerns you about your past experiences please discuss it with me first. I do not always know what will come up during a session so it’s best to be open about past traumatic events before engaging in a session.