Helped her to stop attracting bullying and victimization in the workplace

Sadly, bullying and victimization in the workplace still seems to be very prevalent in today’s supposedly more inclusive and open corporate culture. The psychological effects can often lead to emotional issues and even create physical health symptoms as the recipient attempts to deal with the unwanted behaviour.

Many may feel as though they have nowhere to turn and with livelihoods on the line, often resort to internalising their stress – unaware that this very action can lead to further emotional/psychological upset, health issues, reduced productivity, low mood and unwillingness to collaborate.

Below is an example of how I was able to help empower a very competent lady to overcome her negative state of mind, anxiety and stress to the point where she was no longer carrying the victim energy that undoubtedly contributed to her attracting the sort of unwanted bullying and victimization attention she was getting in the workplace.

Middle-aged female in middle management, very capable and hard working

Experiencing bullying, victimization, color bias in the workplace

Carrying victim energy, low self esteem, low self worth, feels unheard, does not want to be seen, fears responsibility

Release and resolve negative emotions and associated poor self image. Release participant from “story” she was carrying.

Increased confidence, resilience and sense of boundaries.
Felt as though she could easily stand up for herself.
No longer feared taking on responsibility.

More enjoyment and collaboration at work.
Took on new role within company (and new manager) which she enjoyed far more.
No sign of bullies or victimization any more – did not even care about them!
Happier home life.

*Please note results are unique to each individual person, their circumstances and level of commitment/willingness to change.

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