Attracting a Partner

Actual Case, Personal Transformation

She came to see me as she was having trouble attracting a partner – but that was not the real issue! Through Personal Development sessions, she was soon able to get back on track.

In this modern era, attracting a partner can be a huge challenge for both females and males. One of the most basic of human needs is for connection and love with another. For many though, finding that special someone can feel very stressful and overwhelming and often feel like it’s never going to happen.

The case below highlights even when someone has an open heart and ‘thinks’ they are ready, they are subconsciously sabotaging their efforts due to deep feelings of unworthiness, poor self-esteem and poor boundaries. As these feelings are in the mix of what she is putting out there on a daily basis, the quality of what she was currently attracting back was exactly what she did not want!

She was literally attracting people and partners with the same set of poor values and boundaries as her and as she hated this within herself, of course she was going to reject any new prospective! Worse still, if someone was being kind to her, she found it difficult to connect with them as she could not open herself up beyond her current internal (and very limited) state of being.

Through Personal Development sessions, I was able to help her release these deep emotions related to self-worth and self-esteem and this immediately created a shift in her perspective. Better still it had an immediate effect on what she was putting out there. Even better still – if she has children in the future, there is less chance of them inheriting this temperament.

Middle aged female, single, physically healthy, in temporary work

Unable to attract long-term relationships, romantically or even just as friends

Deep feelings of unworthiness, feeling not good enough, poor self esteem, victim energy, poor self image, borderline depressed, poor boundaries, self loathing

Help shift her current destructive emotional patterns and stories she tells herself.

Increased self-love, self-respect, self-esteem.
Greater sense of fun and play and less “seriousness” about her.
Less identification with her “story”.

Friends she can hang out with and cares about.
Stopped attracting abusive partners and “short-termers”.
Met a man she was open to exploring a long-term relationship with – completely different to what she would usually be attracted to.
A new job where she is finally getting recognition and able to contribute.

*Please note results are unique to each individual person, their circumstances and level of commitment/willingness to change.

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