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Offering holistic wellness solutions and Personal/Professional Development Programs to individuals seeking something ‘more’ out of life.

About Sanjeev

Sanjeev has over 3 decades of personal and career experience which he uses to help provide his clients with holistic wellness recommendations and provide them with the support they need when their lives becomes more than they can handle. Being unwell during childhood himself, he knows only too well the impact of poor health and the conventional medicine has on an individual and their loved ones.

He knows there is no single approach that works for everyone, so he continues to educate himself on emerging therapies and psychological trends to provide the most comprehensive program that works for each of his client’s individual needs. He has travelled far and wide to gain experience and accreditation in:

  • Tachyon Energy healing and product expertise
  • Reference Point Therapy
  • Metaphysical Anatomy
  • Natural Nutrition
  • Advanced Theta Healing
  • Quantum Touch
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Bazi Astrology
  • Feng Shui
  • others

Sanjeev is Enhanced DBS cleared.

My Values & Beliefs

Your body is always trying to protect you

When you take a holistic view of ‘dis-ease’ it quickly becomes apparent that whatever is happening is the body’s way of protecting you.

Connecting people to their inner wisdom is the way back to health & happiness

Our bodies are always seeking a way back balance and wholeness. It is the connection to our inner wisdom that enables this to happen.

Our human potential is far greater then we can possibly imagine

Whatever your current situation, you can begin to feel a true connectedness to who you really are and your potential to create your own reality.

My Approach

My experience and knowledge allows me to draw on various proven disciplines and practice to help bring about rapid change and transformation. Whether you come with a health issue, a personal challenge or for professional growth, I am committed to providing you with a space conducive for personal expansion and enhanced awareness.

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