5 Actions to Help with Loneliness

Simple steps to improve your mental health & wellbeing

5 Actions to take today to help with feeling of loneliness

Help with Loneliness

Loneliness can affect us all at some point in our lives. For some, the feelings can be overwheling and become part of their identity. Each day can become harder to shake the feeling – even when you’re around other people. Many people describe it as an empty pit in their stomach or a ‘disconnect’ within themselves.

Below are 5 actions you can take today to help with loneliness if it is something you, or someone you know, is currently facing.

Find an activity or space where you feel a sense of connection

Feeling a sense of connection is the direct opposite to feeling lonely. Therefore, seeking and experiencing a sense of connection could help you on the path to easing your suffering.

This could be being in nature such as in a park, forest or by a lake. Perhaps it could be walking a dog, meditation, joining a social or community club or even volunteering somewhere. Something which takes your mind off the loneliness feeling whilst allowing you to feel more at ease from within.

It is an easy way to feel lifted and have a greater sense of fulfilment when immersed in nature or by being directly engaged in activities that are of service to others.

Talk to someone

We are social beings and for many, connection with others can help ease the sense of loneliness. Seeking the company of people who can lift your spirits and have an air of positivity about them can do wonders for your mood and general outlook.

Try to seek someone in your circle you are inspired by and is at ease with being themselves. Being in their presence could help change your own perspective of your current circumstances.

Laugh … a lot!

Whether through comedy programs, laughter yoga or something else, the physical act of laughing releases natural endorphins to help lift the nervous system and make everything seem less bad. Doing this frequently can help lift your spirits and bring some much needed joyous energy.

Laughter is often viewed as a tonic for the soul!

Improve your physical health

Many consider physical wellbeing to be absolutely vital when addressing mental health issues. Feeling healthy and improving personal vitality can drastically improve our sense of aliveness, connection and positivity. After all, if you feel more energetic and vibrant from within, how can lower vibrations such an loneliness take hold?!

For lasting results, this one really does help.

Seek professional help

If the feeling of loneliness is really getting to you and you’re finding it unmanageable or perhaps feel on the verge of depression or a breakdown, or you find yourself engaging in a vice (drink, drugs, TV, video games etc.) a little too often, it may be worth seeing your doctor, a counsellor or trying some alternative therapy.

Working with an emotional release or transformation specialist could help you overcome feelings of loneliness, shed unwanted emotional baggage and put you on the path to achieving a deeper sense of connection much quicker than you may think.

Final Thoughts

Feelings of loneliness can run deep and create a sense of isolation from your environment and the people around you. In my experience, I have found there is usually some form of trauma at the heart of it, the ‘imprint’ of which is contributing the feeling.

However, there is hope! When the underlying trauma and any secondary gains are resolved, the feeling can be sent into retreat allowing you to grow and engage in life more fully once again.


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