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Counselling / Therapy sessions that will allow you to rapidly HEAL your perspective on almost any challenging issue in your life that is creating suffering or holding you back. This could be for a personal or professional challenge you are currently facing.

Counselling sessions are currently based in Bushey, Watford, Hertfordshire

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Why is it important to HEAL your perspective?

Your perspective of an unwanted issue, challenge or behavioural trait in your life is what determines the eventual outcome of that issue, challenge or trait. It is made up of the negative emotions, beliefs and certain environmental factors you have and determines the way you will behave on a particular matter in your life.

The stronger the related beliefs and emotions, the stronger the attachment to the perspective will be – effectively locking in an inevitable and undesirable life experience. Therefore, by healing/dissolving the attachment, you will be able to pave the way for change and invite an experience different to what you are currently attracting.

A true healing enables you to shift a limiting perspective, realise greater clarity and attract better outcomes for yourself and potentially for those you are closely associated with.

Having a fresh perspective on some challenge you are facing can often make the difference in how you move forward and the level of presence or awareness you are able to maintain moving forwards.

Come and discover what this unique style of counselling can do for you. Sessions are generally face to face at my practice in Hertfordshire.


Conventional approaches to counselling and coaching can bring to the surface uncomfortable emotions and trauma but then do not actually help you let go of or heal from the effect of these feelings. At best a few suggestions or strategies or other coping mechanisms may be offered. This often requires a lot of will-power and self-control and can be exhausting in itself.

In every session my intention is to help you let go & heal from any uncomfortable emotions or feelings that may arise as part of the issue being worked on. It is only when the stress, trauma and anxiety is resolved that you will be able to overcome and transform in an empowered and graceful way. The change will be able to be felt from within and will leave you feeling lighter and more at peace.

Success Stories

“Every time I visit Sanj, I release something big that has been bothering me. I now feel, more connected with much greater self-esteem and self-worth. I recommend seeing Sanj for any emotional challenge or personal issue you may have. Truly amazing work!”


“Sanj was able to help me when no one else could. I’d had years of counselling and CBT work and nothing had helped. Sanj was able to shift more in one session than all my previous other work combined. I shall definitely be coming back to see him and highly recommend him.”


"I came to see Sanj for depression. I had been feeling extremely low for many years and Sanj helped lift me in a very short space of time. I never thought I’d feel this way again and I feel as though I am returning to my old self. Thank you Sanj."


"If only I came across this work sooner – would have saved me a lot of heartache and anguish!"


"I was very sceptical at first and Sanj spotted this immediately as I was apparently sabotaging the session. Instead we dealt with my fear of change – something I did not know I had! Since then every time I see Sanjeev I am able to release much more and deeper. The blocks I have been releasing have helped me both in my work and personal life."


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