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Rapidly resolve internal conflict

Using powerful emotional release techniques to dissolve your personal blocks and bring about rapid change and personal transformation. Change the way you feel from the inside and create a new vibe about you!

What is Personal Transformation?


Personal Transformation is about helping you rapidly overcome the personal barriers you have so you can find a way forward with the current challenge(s) you may be facing. Whether your challenge is personal or professional, health or wealth related or even a relationship issue with yourself and/or others, it all starts with your current perspective of it.

Personal Transformation sessions aim to rapidly change your perspective so you can find a greater sense of clarity and peace on your challenge. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had the problem or pattern of behaviour, the goal is always the same – to put you back in touch with the ‘real’ you so you can move forward with more wisdom and grace.

When you feel more connected, you will automatically feel more empowered, resilient and creative.

Just some of the benefits people have experienced include:

Rapid relief from the mental or emotional challenges you may be facing now e.g. depression, fear, anxiety, stress

Resolving emotional trauma regardless of how long ago it was experienced

Faster recovery from physical ailments

Transform what you’re putting out there and have it reflected back to you

Overall improvement in self-confidence, inner trust and self-belief

Having a more positive self-image and sense of worthiness

Making better decisions (not based on fear, lack, stress etc.)

Improved general health and wellbeing

Heightened creativity and problem-solving abilities

Feeling more empowered and less ‘reactive’

Increased sense of abundance and freedom

Better relationships based more on equality and mutual respect

A greater sense of joy and peace

Reduced stress, anxiety and fear

What’s involved in Personal Transformation Sessions?

In all sessions, I will use various emotional release or meditation-based techniques to help you reolve the stressors of your current issue. This will allow you to see the problem or challenge for what it really is. The limiting perspective, beliefs and emotions you came in with surrounding your challenge will be transformed into clarity and relief. It is an iterative process which deepens with each session and over time, well … you’ll see the results for yourself 😊

Many have come to realise they always held the key to moving past their issue. I simply facilitate by helping you resolve the blocks to becoming aware of that key!

In every session, the intention is to:


Help you to reduce stress, anxiety and fear around the issue you have chosen to work on


Allow you to form a clearer and more objective perspective on your issue


Help you to dissolve any identity issues you may have had around your challenge


Enable you to move forward with more ease and grace


Instill a new mindset that is more in line with who you really are


Dissolve the negative beliefs and emotions around your issue


Encourage a greater sense of peace and clarity on your issue – something that is felt from within


Leave you feeling like there’s a new vibe about you

Testimonials & Feedback

Every time I visit Sanj, I release something big that has been bothering me. I now feel, more connected with much greater self-esteem and self-worth. I recommend seeing Sanj for any emotional challenge or personal issue you may have. Truly amazing work!

Sanj was able to help me when no one else could. I’d had years of counselling and CBT work and nothing had helped. Sanj was able to shift more in one session than all my previous other work combined. I shall definitely be coming back to see him and highly recommend him.

I came to see Sanj for depression. I had been feeling extremely low for many years and Sanj helped lift me in a very short space of time. I never thought I’d feel this way again and I feel as though I am returning to my old self. Thank you Sanj.

If only I came across this work sooner – would have saved  me a lot of heartache and anguish!

I was very sceptical at first and Sanj spotted this immediately as I was apparently sabotaging the session. Instead we dealt with my fear of change – something I did not know I had! Since then every time I see Sanjeev I am able to release much more and deeper. The blocks I have been releasing have helped me both in my work and personal life.

My approach to my work has changed completely! I am now much more confident and my colleagues now see me as inspirational. Collaborating with my peers is so much more effortless. Sanj said I could attract different circumstances but I never knew how much until now.

Change your outlook.
Change your vibe.
Be a better version of you.

Guided every step of the way
Are you ready to make leaps and bounds in your wellbeing and mindset? Whether it’s to achieve greater success or to attract different circumstances into your life experience, it all starts with what you’re putting out there. If you’re seeking greater acceptance, acknowledgement, health or fulfillment then don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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If you’re not sure whether this is for you or how it can help then just contact me to arrange a free, no obligation conversation to discuss your needs and circumstances. Change can be scary for some but remaining the same way for years, to me, is much scarier!

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